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Ab Tak Chhappan 2

The film is a sequel to Ab Tak Chhappan. Ab Tak Chhappan 2 is Hindi crime film directed by Aejaz Gulab and written by Nilesh Girkar. The film is presented by Ram Gopal Varma, and starring Nana Patekar in the lead role. It also stars Gul Panag, and Ashutosh Rana.
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Conjoined at birth, Anjana and Sanjana were twin sisters who lived by one promise made to each other - 'We will always be together. We will never separate'. Mysterious circumstances lead to the death of one while the other survived. Years later, the ghost of the dead comes back to haunt the surviving sister. Why was the promise broken?
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Action Jackson

Action Jackson is a 2014 Indian action masala film directed by Prabhu Deva and produced by Gordhan Tanwani and Sunil Lulla. It features Ajay Devgn in a double role, alongside Sonakshi Sinha, Yami Gautam and Manasvi Mamgai as the female leads. Kunaal Roy Kapur appears in a supporting role with Anandaraj portraying the main antagonist. Prabhu Deva and Ajay Devgn have paired for the very first time with this film.
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Amit Sahni Ki List

Amit sahani is an investment banker, single and ready to mingle. Mala is a free spirit who takes life as it comes. When Amit meets Mala sparks fly even though Mala is against all odds not ... See full summary »
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Ankhon Dekhi

Ankhon Dekhi centers around Raje Bauji, played by Sanjay Mishra who, after a dramatic incident, decides that he will only believe what he sees with his eyes.
Oy Teri, oyteri.com, Ankur Arora Murder Case

Ankur Arora Murder Case

A highly reputed doctor makes a small mistake, which costs the life of a kid Ankur Arora. Will he succeed in hiding his mistake or will the mother of the kid get Justice.
Oy Teri, oyteri.com, Aurangzeb


A cop goes undercover into a gangster's family as his son. This sets in place a chain reaction of complications and increasingly uncontrollable events.
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Aashiqui 2

Rahul loses his fans and fame due to alcoholism. But he then decides to turn a small time singer into a rising star.
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A single mother fights against the supernatural in order to hold on to her daughter.
Oy Teri, oyteri.com, ABCD (Any Body Can Dance)

ABCD (Any Body Can Dance)

When a capable dancer is provoked by the evil design of his employer, naturally he will be out to prove his mettle.
Oy Teri, oyteri.com, Ajab Gazabb Love

Ajab Gazabb Love

Rajveer falls in love with Madhuri. He realizes that she hates rich people. So Rajveer, along with his family, pretends to be poor to win Madhuri's love.
Oy Teri, oyteri.com, Aiyyaa


A woman goes on the hunt for her dream man, armed with her wild imagination, her passion for Masala-films, and her ultra-sensitive sense of smell.
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Oy Teri, oyteri.com, Arjun: The Warrior Prince

Arjun: The Warrior Prince

The tale of how Arjuna fought his inner self and became the legendary archer.
Oy Teri, oyteri.com, Agent Vinod

Agent Vinod

A series of seemingly unconnected events across the world leads to Agent Vinod undertaking a globe-trotting mission to discover why his colleague was murdered.
Oy Teri, oyteri.com, Agneepath


A young boy's father is lynched before his eyes; fifteen years later he returns home for revenge.
Oy Teri, oyteri.com, Aazaan


A Secret Agent must race against time to stop terrorists about to unleash an unknown strain of the Ebola Virus.
Oy Teri, oyteri.com, Aarakshan


A decision by India's supreme court tests a man's friendships and loyalty.
Oy Teri, oyteri.com, Allah Ke Banday

Allah Ke Banday

Two impoverished youth take to crime, are held in a juvenile home, and become gangsters after being discharged.
Oy Teri, oyteri.com, Action Replayy

Action Replayy

A young man tries to revive his parents' wilting marriage in a unique manner - travel to the 1970s when their romance was budding and make it bloom. This is more complex than he expects.
Oy Teri, oyteri.com, Aakrosh


The Central Bureau of Investigation deputes an Officer to investigate the disappearance of three medical students.
Oy Teri, oyteri.com, Anjaana Anjaani

Anjaana Anjaani

After numerous attempts at suicide fail, a couple decide to live it up, and then kill themselves on New Year's Day.
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A man meets with assorted characters in a nursing home after being diagnosed with cancer.
Oy Teri, oyteri.com, Aisha


Chaos results after a wealthy woman decides to turn match-maker for a naive village belle.
Oy Teri, oyteri.com, Apartment: Rent at Your Own Risk

Apartment: Rent at Your Own Risk

A jilted woman feels threatened after renting a room to a female.
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Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge?

Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge? is the story of Puneet and Munmun, a happily married couple living in Mumbai whose lives take an interesting turn when a distant relative, Chachaji turns up ... See full summary »
Oy Teri, oyteri.com, Aakhari Decision

Aakhari Decision

An assassin, who wants to quit, is asked to carry out a final assignment.
Oy Teri, oyteri.com, Aa Dekhen Zara

Aa Dekhen Zara

A photographer has nothing going for him, until he inherits a camera that has the ability to predict the future.
Oy Teri, oyteri.com, Aloo Chaat

Aloo Chaat

Story focuses on a US return guy Nikhil who is in love with a Muslim girl Aamna (Aamna Shariff). To convince his orthodox Hindu family which a strictly against a Muslim girl Nikhil plots a ... See full summary »
Oy Teri, oyteri.com, A Wednesday

A Wednesday

A retiring police officer reminiscences about the most astounding day of his career, a case that was never filed but continues to haunt him in his memories - the case of a man and a Wednesday.
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Anirudh Chawla

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